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The short check on Destiny 2 Witch-Queen – for whom is it worth it?

The short check on Destiny 2 Witch-Queen – for whom is it worth it?

In Destiny 2, a treacherous witch-queen has managed to win over returning players and newcomers alike. For those who are still not sure, MeinMMO will do the check and tell you what the space shooter has in store.

Several gamers have the youngest ones Watched Destiny 2 releases with interest. The trailers for the upcoming expansion are indeed impressive, and Savathun himself is an interesting opponent with potential for clever twists.

Is it worth jumping in or back in now? Not all players are convinced of Destiny 2 and so one often reads negative opinions of embittered players. Nevertheless, Destiny 2 is still a huge success, as shown by the more than one million pre-orders.

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Savathun awaits the players – and nobody knows what she has been planning for 7 years.

A few years ago Destiny wasn't the best actually game in the market. A lot has changed since Destiny 1. The studio never gave up its fateful project and continued to put a lot of passion into the development. That's why Destiny 2 is now one of the best loot adventure shooters in the industry and the reasons for this are simple.

  • The game fundamentally changed the industry by Bungie redefining that a looter shooter can be so much more.
  • Gunplay in Destiny 2 is unique. Each weapon plays and sounds different.
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    Table of Contents

    Destiny 2 has a series of incredible storylines that are always evolving and changing, complete with unexpected surprises. Extensions and seasons regularly bring a breath of fresh air into the game.
  • The shooter has a beautifully designed world to explore alone or with friends (cross-platform).
  • Purchase or Free-to-Play play?

    Free-to-play via New Light is a good first step into the game. Bungie has revised the entry mission for Witch Queen. Compared to previous years, getting into the game has never been easier. The first mission is a boot camp where Bungie teaches the new players their skills.

    Meanwhile, players can take a look and start exploring the vast world. This way you can quickly find out whether you like Destiny 2's play style or not.


    In the free version, playlists such as Crucible (PvP), Strikes (PvE) and Gambit ( PvPvE) can be tried. Even a Destiny 1 Legacy Raid is free to access.

    Challenging enemies for brave Guardians .

    This is in the paid versions: However, if you are looking for a good story, you should consider buying it. Free-to-play lets you miss out on some of Destiny 2's best stories, as well as plenty of seasonal content and inspirational exploits.


    Also, specific Exotics are only accessible through the paid DLCs and Seasons. The purchase then offers the opportunity to get faster and better equipment. At the same time you have access to higher level content of all challenges and available raids.

    Unique gameplay and weapons

    This has never changed in Destiny: The unique and excellent gun and gameplay in Destiny has always been a highlight of the game.


    In Destiny 2, every gun is a little different and you can see that in the game when handling weapons and the detailed design.

    Weapon skins are uniquely designed, including sound and sights.

    Weapons come with one of several Masterwork Perks. They can drop with different perks. Armor can also be farmed with different values, such as intellect or strength. This allows players to search for rolls that suit their playing style. So far, this was mostly random with weapons.


    In Witch Queen everyone gets their godroll: With the new weapon crafting in Witch Queen, that will be but now more individual. Through this, players are able to shape their personal gun godroll. This will require some grinding, but in the end every player knows what they get for their effort in the game.

    Players who like challenges can also get their hands on special weapons and armor. These include the time-lost raid weapons or the master weapons from PvE/PvP activities as well as improved armor from the dungeon.

    Dark places have to be found and discovered.

    Crossplay – everyone can play

  • Many activities have matchmaking, but overall it's more fun when you have a solid team to go with. The possibility of being able to coordinate with each other is useful in more difficult challenges and makes it easier.

    • Thanks to crossplay, you can find and invite other players across platforms or make new friends – the system is called “Bungie Friends”.
    • Destiny 2 offers Fireteam Finder on and via the official Companion App.
    • Cross-platform text and voice chat is also accessible.
    The missions in Destiny 2 are worth seeing.

    Of course you can you can also play Destiny 2 solo: Who wil l can easily play Destiny 2 solo. However, you never stay alone for long. Players keep finding other guardians for certain activities through the automatic player search and thus progress.

    But there are also special quests, missions and challenges for which you absolutely need a team, such as raids or dungeons.

    Destiny 2 likes to play a little bit of space magic, especially when it comes to team play. Sometimes you fight solo in PvP against another guardian and after a little chat you gamble together every evening. Others meet Guardians in the big game world, who then become good friends. Clans in Destiny 2 are also a resource for players who would like to join a team.

    The new location of the Throne World of Savathun
  • What makes Witch Queen better?

    Bungie has changed a lot over the past few months that will determine the future of the game. Lessons learned from the last expansion. Savathun will therefore be a new caliber of opponent in Witch Queen than Eramis was in Beyond Light. Players will also be able to discover and use some new things.

  • In addition to new equipment, a new type of weapon will also be introduced: the glaive.
  • Savathun brings a new army to the Champions: the Radiant Spawn. Like the players, she will use the light as a super weapon.
  • All Light skills will get an overhaul. In Witch Queen, players start with Void-3.0. Solar and Arkus will follow by the end of the Witch Queen year.
  • Bungie brings more gunplay. Good weapons should become more important. For this, players can forge their own godrolls.
  • It will be dark and mysterious, because the new throne world not only offers a new location, but also the “Deep View Resonance” ability.
  • New puzzles and secrets will be revealed. In Witch Queen, players will learn what Savathun has been meticulously planning for the past 7 years.
  • Every three months there is either a new raid or a new dungeon.
  • Witch Queen brings some outstanding engine updates.
  • New players should now enter the story

    Bungie itself has called the Witch Queen expansion the best time to get into Destiny 2. Because now the actual story of the game is picking up speed. After Witch Queen, players can expect 2 more expansions: Lightfall and The Final Shape. So if you are a long-time player and want to know what the traveler is and what the light and dark is all about, you should get back in right now.

    But Witch Queen is for new players also an ideal start. Bungie has summarized relevant story parts in various trailers in advance and will support new players to better understand the world from February 22nd. The Witch Queen campaign, which starts on February 22nd, should also offer a good entry point for all further events.

    What would you say to an interested player today, if after entering into Destiny 2: Witch Queen asks? How do you think the community is doing? Space magic or just a black hole in the universe? Do you think Destiny 2 can still inspire New Lights? Please let us know what you think in the comments.

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