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The Sims 4 players are more than excited thanks to its latest update

The Sims 4 update is trans-inclusive and features characters with disabilities.

The Sims 4 players are more than excited thanks to its latest update
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The Sims is one of the most important simulators in the industry thanks to the huge number of expansions and spin-offs that offered interesting and novel experiences to their users. You’ve probably played it in the past in any of its four installments, or perhaps you prefer to stay ahead with the latest titles from other developers and their respective genres; However, the truth is that in this decade The Sims has not had the same impact among the gaming community since its last release, The Sims 4, was in 2014.


So while there are many fans who continued to create content and upload some of their builds and stories with their own sims to platforms like YouTube, a few more details were discussed about the EA game, where we included a fifth title that we basically don’t have much information about.

But, aside from speculation about The Sims 5, Electronic Arts has pleasantly surprised gamers with an update that completely changes character customization… at least as we knew it almost a decade ago, of course. And this has once again positioned the game in the attention of the gaming community.

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The Sims 4 update is now available

As you could read, recently EA has added new options for customization. But this, of course, is not what has greatly excited his fans. So what’s the big change? Beyond new features, the update brought with it several inclusive elements, including, creating disabled and transgender characters.

As expected, this was widely celebrated by an important sector of players and even non-players. And while it took a long time for visibility to hit titles in the entertainment industry, it’s a great time for everyone.

After the Behind The Sims community broadcast (where, by the way, there were also some details of “Project René” -better known as The Sims 5-), EA and Maxis revealed this big update which we leave you below:


EA Official Account Post

“A core game update is here with new content including medical devices, folders, girdles, a light switch, and more, including bug fixes and console gameplay improvements 🥳💚,” the main description clarifies, followed by from this link where you can consult more patch details.

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Also among the new accessories there will be customizable headphones for each ear and glucose monitors that can be placed on the Sim’s torso. In addition, the trans-inclusive options can also be found on the menu, like a binder for all ages. In fact, in the body characteristics you can select the option of the scar left by a mastectomy -independently of gender-.

And lastly the EA update too he was in charge of giving it more realism to the simulator with a “non-toggle light switch” that you will find in Build mode. Of course, we’re still not sure why the developers chose to include such an item, but their reasons must have been and we’ll find out in the future.

The reactions of the fans

Many of The Sims fans on more than one occasion will have tried to create their own character, made in their image and likeness… or, at least, as far as possible. And this EA and Maxis know. Hence they are adding more inclusion options for those who really want to relate to the characters or simply want to make their families and neighborhoods more diverse. Like, for example, this Reddit user who shared the following post:


Reaction from a Reddit user

“As a type 1 diabetic, I am very excited to see continuous glucose monitors in the game,” says the fan. And, of course, he was not the only one, since there were other users who celebrated the fact of being able to find its characteristics in the game, such as the following:

“Finally a deaf rep! Not the kind of hearing aid I have, but still a big step forward”

Perhaps we will have to wait a while longer for The Sims 5 to reach the devices of thousands of users, but while that happens, it is clear to us that EA has its eyes on inclusion of a diverse society. So there are many reasons to wait for the next title to not only have these customization options, but many more.

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The sims 4 is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS. And in this link we leave you our complete guide.

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