The Sims 5 officially confirms: You can play for free, but that raises new questions

the sims 5 officially confirms: you can play for free,

Tom Henry

The Sims 5 officially confirms: You can play for free, but that raises new questions

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In Behind The Sims streams, the developers often share news about The Sims 4, Sims Mobile or Project Rene, which is unofficially called The Sims 5. Today another such small stream took place. This confirmed what had already become apparent.

The Sims 5/Project Rene relies on Free2Play

In the almost 15 minutes of Behind The Sims we got to see, among other things, the new The Sims 4 accessories pack “Home Chef Hustle”, which is all about baking and cooking.

At the end, Maxis’ Vice President of Franchise Creative Lyndsay Pearson also appeared in front of the camera and confirmed what we already suspected through rumors: The Sims 5 relies on Free2Play.

We plan to make Project Rene available as a free download, meaning that once the game is finished and fully available, you will be able to join, play and explore immediately. Without a subscription and without purchasing the base game.

One reason for this, according to Pearson, is to reduce the barrier to entry. They also want to do a lot of things differently during the development of Project Rene, which is why there are early playtests, among other things.

How about updates? Although Project Rene is intended to be a “strong and coherent game”, in addition to regular updates, the sale of content and expansion packs is still not being dispensed with. However, the mix will be a little different this time.

You can watch the Behind The Sims stream in its entirety here:

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What about the multiplayer? The multiplayer mode wasn’t shown, but we’ll probably see something about it next year. At least the plan is for us to get more information about this in 2024.

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