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The software that annoys everyone at work is now becoming a new feature in MMORPG EVE Online

Data plays an essential role in EVE Online. It is therefore jokingly referred to as “tables in space” – now the developers are making the meme a reality and are teaming up with Microsoft.

At the EVE Fanfest in May 2022, the developers CCP announced that there could be a partnership with Microsoft in the future. Players should then actually be able to export their in-game data to Excel spreadsheets.


The Excel meme becomes a reality

CCP want to make it easier for players without programming skills to keep track of data-driven wars. According to Creative Director Bergur Finnbogason, many players are already using external tools to collect their data.

This add-in is not intended to replace these amazing gamer-developed tools, but rather to provide an additional option for users while requiring less programming knowledge to get started.

– CCP on Steam

What data is it about? This can be general data or character-based information. For example, players track resource production, their own account balance or trading prices. Even in big wars, an overview is an advantage. Ships worth 800,000 euros were destroyed in “World War Bee 2”.

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They are currently looking for testers for the closed beta. The data lovers among you can apply for it at the end of the current post on Steam. The players will be selected to “reflect a broad spectrum of capsuleers,” the developers explain.

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In addition, there should be several tests for which you can then apply again. It is currently unclear when the feature will come to the ..

Player opinions differ

A few players have commented on this under the post on the EVE Online Steam page. Some think it’s great, others say it’s too late, yet others wonder whether they need to buy Excel now and why they don’t use a free program.

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We summarize a few of the voices here for you:

  • Paracetamol dispenser: “This is really a great feature. Respect to the person who decided to develop it.”
  • Ahvena: “That would have been relevant 10 years ago.”
  • 76561: “Now there are even more tables in a game about tables.”
  • Satan: “Do I have to buy Excel now, even though there are free programs?”
  • LucasR: “No thanks, I don’t need another job.”

What do you think of the upcoming Excel feature in EVE Online? Write it to us in the comments here on MeinMMO!

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