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the solution to the problem of SSDs in Windows 11

the solution to the problem of ssds in windows 11

Microsoft, Windows 11 and SSDs. Since this OS was released, it has not stopped reporting various problems with this type of storage units, and not everyone was affected. This particularity has made it take a long time for Redmond to find the errors, and although they have been patching and improving their performance and support, they have not finished fine-tuning. Luckily, the update KB5029263 solves all this, but in a very peculiar way. Is it the definitive solution to SSD problems in Windows 11? Well, we could say that in the vast majority of cases yes.

There have been no less than 7 updates since the beginning of the year, and as we have mentioned, it solved the problem for some users and not for others, but what problem are we talking about exactly? Well, in the most serious cases, there was a drop of more than 50% in the performance and speed of the SSD drives. For this reason, addressing this issue was a priority at Microsoft and now they have finally achieved it.


Microsoft KB5029263, the update for Windows 11 that solves SSD problems

Windows 11 update SSD slow

Before launching the OS, Microsoft already announced that it had seen some performance issues with SSDs within Windows 11. It didn’t pay much attention to it, since it wanted to finish everything related to security first, and after launching it, small problems started.

Up to 7 updates in 8 months, 14 in the entire life of the OS and just a few days ago, without mentioning anything about SSDs, we have learned that Microsoft launched the KB5029263, the update to correct the updates, seeing is believing. In fact, this update fixes, if not all, almost all of the issues from the following previous updates:

  • KB5023706 -> First patch.
  • KB5023778 -> March 2023 patch, Microsoft generally supports the issue.
  • KB5025239 -> April 2023 patch.
  • KB5026372 -> May 2023 patch.
  • KB5027231 -> First patch for June 2023.
  • KB5027303 -> Second June patch.
  • KB5028185 -> Patch for July.

What does this August 8 update officially offer?

SSD Failure Rate 2022

Well, nothing to do with SSDs, there is no mention, but now we will go with this. What Microsoft claims with this new update is the following:


This update fixes security issues in your Windows operating system.

This security update includes improvements that were part of the KB5028254 update (released on July 26, 2023). When you install this KB:

This update makes several security improvements to the internal functionality of the operating system. No additional issues have been documented for this release.


So how do you know to fix SSD issues in Windows 11? Well, because affected users are experiencing the solution overnight after installing this KB5029263, without changing anything else.

Unfortunately, you can see some users still affected online, but most of the reviews are positive about it, so it seems to be quite widespread at the moment and multiple forums are talking about it.

In any case, it is one more step to make users end up jumping to Windows 11 from another Microsoft OS, something that is being too slow, since the average gamer is comfortable with the performance of Windows 10, for example, currently very mature, something that is increasingly valued.


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