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The son of the creator of Playboy finances his hobby to Pokemon through OnlyFans

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This news was certainly not expected. However, it seems to have linked the world of the franchise of Pokemon.

Specifically, it seems that Marston Hefnerthe son of Hugh Hefner, widely known as the founder of Playboy, finances his Pokemon hobby through OnlyFans. This is a platform where people pay to view adult content from other users.


In an interview with Page Six, Hefner has shared his view that there is nothing wrong with nudity or sexuality, beliefs that he developed in an environment where such ideas were considered normal. The most curious thing is that he has declared himself a big fan of Pokemon cards and that the income from OnlyFans helps him finance this hobby.

Kotaku has also interviewed Hefner with and in that meeting he has shared that his favorite Pokemon is Ho-Oh, whom he describes as “the legendary black sheep”.


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