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The song I Wish you Roses, by the Colombian singer Kali Uchis, became an island in Fortnite

Riot Games announced a new series of official islands for its popular game that are inspired by music from various trending artists. It was a pleasant surprise to discover that among these ‘Playwave’ islands of Fortnite stands The Lost Garden, an island with the song I Wish you Roses of the Colombian singer Kali Uchis.

You can listen to the song below.


How to enter the island of Fortnite inspired by the song I Wish you Rosesby the Colombian singer Kali Uchis?

They can access this Playwave island from Fortnite called ‘The Lost Garden’ using the code for Isla 2819-6868-1801by searching for it in the ‘Playwave & More’ section of the Discover tab, or by adding it to the list from this island page in creative mode.

What we should do on this island is follow the path of musical notes performing the tasks indicated on the screen. After reaching the end of the garden we must return while we explore the changes we made to the place.


This island will remain active even after you leave the featured section of the discover tab.

The Colombian singer Kali Uchis is in Fortnite, but not as a skin but through her song I Wish you Roses on the Playwave The Lost Garden island.

This isn’t the only song-inspired island to be found in Fortnite’s Playwave island series. At the moment there are five and everything seems to indicate that they will add more in the future.

There is also supposed to be a free spray that we can earn by completing missions related to these islands, but at the time of writing it has not appeared in the game.

This is not the first Colombian representation in Fortnite. There is already a ‘skin’ of the reggaeton player J Balvin in the game.


Source: Epic Games