The soundtrack of Pokemon Red and Blue can be heard for free in streaming

The original soundtracks of Pokemon Red and Green are available on the official website of Pokemon Sound Library. However, that site is blocked to Asia. This means that you will either need a VPN to access all 45 tracks from the games, or you can go to the Japanese Pokemon YouTube channel, where all the tracks have been combined into one video.

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pokemon company will give a lot of news about the franchise today in the Pokemon Presents. With the sudden release of the Red and Blue soundtracks, some are already taking it as a sEsports Extrasthat we will have remakes of these games (or perhaps Nintendo Switch Online releases). But, before you get too excited, nothing will be made official until the Pokemon Presents broadcast that starts at 15:00 peninsular time.

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You can now listen to the official OST of Pokemon Red and Blue from here.

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Pokemon Red/Blue Version