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The space odyssey of No Man’s Sky already has a release date on Nintendo Switch

Hello Games has just left us with some fantastic news by confirming the exact date No Man’s Sky’s space journey will begin on Nintendo Switch, albeit a little later than originally planned. Instead of being this summer, it will be time to wait until next October 7.

From that moment we can put on the space suit, put ourselves at the controls of our spaceship and travel through this infinite universe whose contents are procedurally generated. That will take us to visit all kinds of planets with their own biomes, exclusive creatures and materials to collect to survive any danger that arises along the way.

The game will include launch any and all updates and expansions that you’ve been getting over the years, so there will be all kinds of ways to pass the time for hundreds of hours. Each one can be the character they want, becoming explorers, merchants or fighters who fear nothing.

Of course, little by little it will be necessary to improve the ship and the weapons to face the adversities of that space trip. On the other hand, although it was initially presented in digital format, No Man’s Sky It will also go on sale on Nintendo Switch in physical format, as will the PS5 version from the same day.

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