The spectacular The Finals announces its closed beta with chaos, shooting and a lot of destruction

Last September Embark Studios, a developer founded in 2018 by several of the creators of the Battlefield saga, announced The Finalsa frantic free-to-play shooter that attracted a lot of attention with a spectacular trailer and that returns to the spotlight this week.

And it is that its creators have just announced that The Finals will have a new closed beta that it will be much larger than the first one (that is, they will invite more players) and that it will start starting next March 7 with two weeks duration to be able to test different experimental aspects of this title such as movement and destruction at the server level that will require several “trial and error” tests to end up working correctly, hence the importance of this beta.

To sEsports Extrasup, all you have to do is click on this link that will take you to Steam and click on “Request access”. Those chosen to play this closed beta will be able to fight in virtual recreations of the skyscrapers of downtown Seoul and the old town of Monaco on the shores of the French Riviera, being able to play in casual games, tournaments and leaderboards in addition to being able to unlock weapons, gadgets and devices.

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A new trailer full of action, shooting, chaos and a lot of destruction

So that players can get a better idea of ​​what it’s like The Finals from Embark Studios have decided to publish a new video (which you have just above) so that we can see the game in action showing us a lot of shooting, chaos and a lot of destruction which seems to be one of the hallmarks of this shooter free to play which is scheduled to arrive on PC this same 2023.

“Many of us at Embark have been creating first-person shooters for over two decades, but just when we thought we had already squeezed the most out of this genre, we have discovered the Holy Grail developers,” says Rob Runesson, executive producer of The Finals. “With the destruction and movement at the server level, in The Finals you can destroy almost everything. We want to breathe new life into a genre that, frankly, had become a bit monotonous, and we can’t wait to test THE FINALS with a large number of players to see if they agree with our perspective so that we can continue to improve the game. gaming experience before launch.

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