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The spectacular tribute of the LCS to its history

This 2022 the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) turns 10 years old. After having the last two seasons marked by the pandemic, this year the league once again held finals with an in-person audience. East summer-split the finals of the North American championship have traveled to Chicago, United States. After a decade of competition, the LCS has decided to pay homage to its history by paying tribute to its most important figures.

The introduction of James Dash, presenter of the LCS, was already a nod to the past. His famous “Hello, Chicago” can be understood as a reference to the presentation he made in the quarterfinals of the World’s from 2016. The difference between the two moments, beyond the competition itself, is that six years ago he did it at the Chicago Theater before 3,600 spectators and this time at the United Center before 23,500. Dash was in charge of presenting the historical players of the competition one by one.

Throughout the tribute, the league introduced the following players: William Hartman «weather“Kevin Yarnell”hauntzerEugene ParkPobelter“Vincent Wang”biofrost“Jason Tran”WildTurtleZachary Scuderisneaky“Hai Du Lam”hai“Marcus Hill”Dyrus“Jake Pout”XmithieYiliang Pengdouble lift» and Soren Bjerg«Bjergsen«. Of all the players, currently only Biofrost and Bjergsen are still competing in the LCS. In addition, the presentation left an image to remember as Doublelift and Bjergsen -the two most successful players in the history of the region- carried together the trophy that will be either Cloud9 or 100 Thieves. In addition, the LCS recently published what are, according to experts, the ten best players in history:

  • 10: Robert Huang«Blaber«
  • 9: hai
  • 8: Zaquery Black «Aphromoo«
  • 7: Sneaky
  • 6: Jo Yong-in «CoreJJ«
  • 5: Nicholas Jensen
  • 4: Xmithie
  • 3: Jeong Eon-young «Impact«
  • 2: Doublelift
  • 1: Bjergsen

Dyrus thrills the crowd

One of the most iconic moments of the presentation was the introduction of Dyrus, a professional player until the end of 2015 who made the majority of his career at TSM. The former professional player could not hold back his tears after the entire stadium applauded him and later sang the acronym for TSM. However, the importance of this moment transcends the historical aspect of the LCS. «I have really realized that my mental health has been bad in the last five years, when I thought I was fine when I was not. Socializing and seeing old friends and peers has helped me figure it out and honestly I needed it badly.» has declared the top in Twitter.

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