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The Splatoon 3 Release Date Dilemma


When the release date was announced Splatoon 3, the pools of many users were broken. The first title, which was released on the ill-fated Wii U, hit the market on May 29, 2014. The second installment, one of the most important titles of the debut year of Nintendo Switch, did the same on July 21, 2017. However, contrary to the usual trend, the third game in the series it was unseated and will not be released in the summer.

Due to its formula, its premise and its fun, many players associate splatoon to the summer season. Thus, the title bases its gameplay on fast and refreshing games, something ideal for dates marked by the heat and the boredom that this entails. And, despite this, the Big N chose to let the summer pass by and, once September began, launch the market the long-awaited third installment.


However, this has created a dilemma among the gaming community. Although many will enjoy Splatoon 3 launch – in fact, the sales of the previous two installments are counted in the millions – this same player base considers that the summer was the perfect opportunity to enjoy the game.

For this reason, today we are going to analyze the dilemma that exists with the release date of the title and how it is, although it has not been said officially, may have been affected by Xenoblade Chronicles 3. In fact, the latter is a situation that could be said to be somewhere between theory and the “open secret”.

The date of Splatoon 3: the influence of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and the importance of summer

a fair exchange

At the end of April, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 starred an unusual situation in the industry: advance its release date. During February, Nintendo confirmed that the long-awaited third installment of the exclusive Nintendo JRPG would arrive in september. However, the company itself, after the launch of a trailer loaded with news, moved this date and advanced it until July 29.


Just a few days later, the Japanese firm made another move and revealed that Splatoon 3 would arrive on September 9. Thus, while the fans of the role-playing license would have their game in the summer, the followers of the charismatic shooter They would have to wait for it to finish. And this, although never officially confirmed, is more linked than many believe.

A priori, it was expected that Splatoon 3 was the king of the summer and that, after him, it was the turn of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, a much slower and less frenetic bet than the previous one. However, the movement of tokens with Monolith Soft’s JRPG caused the ink war to be moved until September, something that was interpreted as an exchange of dates.


Via: Nintendo USA

Whether it was because of how advanced it was Xenoblade Chronicles 3 or for that extra time I needed Splatoon 3, a game that has shown less information than the JRPG, the Big N’s decision was to move them from one place and give —apparently— one the date of the other. And so, Nintendo readjusted its schedule and the company’s fans only had to adjust theirs for a couple of weeks.


The proximity between both licenses has caused there is much speculation with that hypothetical exchange that has been commented so much on networks. So far, Nintendo has not commented on the matter or confirmed or denied the information, but in such obvious cases it is sometimes not even necessary. Be that as it may, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 influenced the end date Splatoon 3. And she did, as we have seen, within a couple of weeks.

success is guaranteed

Regardless of its release in the summer or in September, the reality is that the third installment of the shooter will be a real success. His first game, despite seeing the light on Wii U, managed to stand out among the low numbers of the system and, with it, he won a batch of amiibo and a sequel which was released three years later on Switch. With the third, except for a capital surprise, it will be confirmed that this is one of Nintendo’s star licenses.

When splatoon came to the Nintendo universe, the company was in low hours. After the overwhelming success of the Wii and Nintendo DS, the Japanese firm did not understand the direction of the industry and fully immersed itself in Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, two very continuous proposals with the occasional advance that had mixed results.


While the desktop console failed miserably, the portable one enjoyed great popularity and success despite not reaching the numbers of its predecessor. Therefore, the Big N needed a knock on the table, a demonstration of intentions that would make them take flight. And that blow, that radical turn to recover the faith of the industry, was splatoon. A title that, in the end, was the beginning of success.

For this reason, Nintendo and its followers have a special affection for this license. Although it is irremediably linked to the summer, since the two previous installments arrived on those dates, its launch in September does not alter one iota the perception of the franchise. For this reason, the fact that her new installment arrives in a “strange” month for her matters little or nothing.

And you, did you care that Splatoon 3 break the tradition with the summer date? Do you feel like playing the third installment of the beloved license? We read you in the comments.