The star whales will accompany us in Leviathan, the free roguelike expedition for No Man’s Sky

Tom Henry

We don’t stop playing No Man’s Sky and therefore Hello Games doesn’t hit the brakes when it comes to offering more content. The study led by Sean Murray strives to launch more hours of fun at no cost thanks to expeditions like Outlaws.

Now, it is the turn of the seventh. Leviathan is the name given to this new adventure with substantial changes and quite crazy proposals. And this time we will be trapped in a time loop with a roguelike game mode. Therefore, every time we die we will have to repeat the cycle.

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To be clear about how we should move forward, in each loop we will recover memory fragments that we can use in our favor. The collaboration between all travelers will be essential and we will also be able to investigate together with the Polo Specialist to find out what the time fluctuations are due to.

The more players that participate, the more valuable the Memory Fragments become, leading to more inventory space, better tools, and more powerful ships. At the core of the mystery is an ancient space creature, the Leviathan, which we can recruit as an organic ship for our fleet.

This expedition to No Man’s Sky begins today, May 25, at no cost, for all platforms and will last about six weeks. Among the rewards that we can obtain we have a trail of temporary disturbances for the ship

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