The streamer TheGrefg appears in an exam of one of the selectivity tests

the streamer thegrefg appears in an exam of one of

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The streamer TheGrefg appears in an exam of one of the selectivity tests

Those attending the university entrance exams, the so-called EBAU, have been surprised to see that the streamer TheGrefg is mentioned in one of the exams.

The streamer TheGrefg appears in an exam of one of the selectivity tests

The popularity of streamers in the youth scene is unquestionable. personalities like Auronplay, who continues in a tug of war with his negotiations with Twitch, are known by many of the young people who are studying at the moment, taking them as references in many cases. Although the majority of the audience is young, there are other content creators who reach a more adult audience, such as Ibaiwhich is about to celebrate La Velada 3. This means that streamers can be seen in any field of day-to-day life, even going as far as an exam of one of the university entrance exams.

This is precisely the story that another of the giants of the world of streaming in our country has starred in, The Grefg. As several users of social networks have reported, the Murcian streamer appears quoted in one of EBAU exams, also known as selectivity. This is because in the Murcia USALanguage and Literature exam the content creator is mentioned, referring to the diversity of accentssomething he mentioned in one of his videos.


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How could it be otherwise, TheGrefg has reacted on social networks to this curiositywishing luck to all those who have attended the exam and assuring that it seems to him a real madness that he has been part of a university entrance exam in his native community.

Ibai was already the protagonist of the selectivity in 2022

However, it is not the first time that this has happened, since in the university entrance exam last year, the protagonist was none other than Ibai. The curiosity is that it was also in Murcia, so it seems that the university of the region is going to take this measure as a constant for future yearsencouraging young people to share the test on social networks and to choose the subject of USALanguage and Literature to find out if their favorite streamer is part of the exam.

This is still a curiosity, but also a sample of the tremendous influence that content creators have today, both on and off the internet.

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