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The success for Asian markets FIFA Online 4 is safe from the divorce between EA and FIFA

Those responsible do not expect to have to make changes to the video game to adjust to the new situation.


A few days ago one of the most shocking news of the year was announced: the consummation of the divorce between EA and FIFA, which will prevent the video game company from naming the next installments of its sports simulation series with the acronym of the international federation of soccer. But, beyond its successful franchise for PC and consoles, there are more FIFA titles on the market, what about them?

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That is the case with FIFA Online 4, a successful free-to-play PC game in South Korea and other Asian markets from Nexon, who have been contacted by GamesIndustry. According to the developer firm, “Nexon deal is with EAso all the players, stadiums and features will still be in the game”; that is, no change with real implications in the video game is expected.


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This will allow Nexon to maintain a lucrative revenue stream, which broke records for both FIFA Online 4 and its mobile counterpart in the first quarter of the year. In addition, the video game is expected to maintain its growth in the coming months. It remains to be seen what will happen to his name, if it will be renamed to EA Sports FC once the collaboration agreement between EA Sports and FIFA expires in 2024.


Let us remember that the rupture between FIFA and EA has resulted in FIFA 23, not yet presented, being the last video game of a 30-year relationship. From 2024 the firm will bet on a rebranding where everything that has made it great will remain. The soccer federation, for its part, claims to be already working to continue in the video game industry, although at the moment there are few details of its partners.

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