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The sudden death of the AMD RX 6000 is due to… Humidity?


The sudden death of the AMD RX 6000 is due to… Humidity?

The latest graphics cards from both AMD and NVIDIA have suffered from numerous problems. On the one hand, we have the NVIDIA RTX 40, where we could see that the power cables and PCIe adapters ended up on fire, sometimes killing the card itself. On the other hand, we also saw that AMD with its RX 7000 had problems related to its vapor chamber, which was unable to cool enough due to lack of liquid. Now we add to the AMD RX6000 to the list of problemsbecause this time they assure that die due to moisture and cryptomining.

The AMD RX 6000 are still AMD’s best-selling graphics cards, despite the fact that they are more than two years old. The reason is simple and that is that the new generation of RX 7000 only has two high-end models. Launched this past December, it will take a few months for the rest of the models to arrive and in the meantime, the RX 6000 will outsell the RX 7900 XT and XTX high end. In addition, many users have thought twice about purchasing one of these, due to the numerous problems with your heatsink Y high temperatures reached.

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They assure that the death of the AMD RX 6000 is due to humidity

Amid stories of modern GPUs dying due to burnout cables or insufficient cooling, we return to this topic but this time with the RX 6000. According to the YouTuber KrisFix-Germanyhe has a repair shop where, a few days ago, he reported on the sudden death of 61 RX 6000 GPU. On that occasion, he made it known that the cause of death of all these GPUs was short circuits, burned voltage controllers and melted chips. it was due to a driver.

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However, the driver-blaming KrisFix itself has now offered an update as it has found the real culprits. The same one that he said were the drivers, now assures that the death of those dozens of AMD RX 6000 GPUs is due to the moisture and cryptomining. Apparently you are GPUs were working perfectly at first, but after a few days, the affected clients were reporting failures. He is hard to believe, but he assures that these are the causes, although everything has an explanation.

Many of these RX 6000s were from the same vendor and were used in mining

Apparently, KrisFix claims that of the dozens of AMD RX 6000 GPUs killed, many of these were sold by the same vendor. This coincidence has been a key aspect to take into account to identify the causes of death. And it is that, these graphics cards were previously used for cryptocurrency mining. To this day, many mining cards are still being sold in the second-hand markets and there are people for whom they work well without problems.

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However, KrisFix ensures that in this case the miner who sold them stored these charts in a high humidity environment. According to him, this was what caused those smashed chips from the RX 6000 that, as we saw previously. These conclusions have been reached after carrying out 150 hours of testing exhaustive where he failed to discover the culprit. They were in the end the customer surveys which revealed that many of these GPUs came from the same vendor.

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