The terrifying Switchback VR is shown in an extensive 10-minute gameplay

Horizon Call of the Mountain It is the PlayStation VR 2 video game that has generated the most expectation among players, although after Sony’s new virtual reality device for PlayStation 5 goes on sale next year. February 22 at a price of 599.99 euros Other most interesting titles will hit the market that promise to fully exploit all their potential. One of them is Switchback VRa spin-off of The Dark Pictures Anthology that will measure scares based on the player’s blinks thanks to eye-tracking technology and that has been shown again in a new and extensive gameplay.

Alejandro Arque Gallardo, director of the video game, has provided more information about it in the new advance. Broadly speaking, he recalled that this adventure invites players to relive some of the franchise’s most iconic situations and settings in an adventure on rails very similar to playable level Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. “The story of Switchback VR involves the player character on a train to visit his sister. Suddenly, the train has an accident and a presence called Belial attempts to drag the player to Hell. That is what the roller coaster essentially consists of in which the player fights against numerous demons to survive, “explains the creative.

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He has also stressed the importance of the scare mechanic linked to eye tracking, which will make the monsters approach us if we close our eyes, in addition to the good sensations that weapons transmit when fired thanks to the feedback from the Sense Controllers.

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On sale mid-March

Switchback VR brings you face to face with the most terrifying enemies of Season one of The Dark Pictures Anthologyfrom horrific apparitions on the ghost ship of the Man of Medan and the faceless enemies of the witch trials of Little Hope or the hordes of vampires House of Ashes and the twisted serial killer of The *text muted* in Me“, reads the description of the project. Remember that the title will go on sale on March 16.