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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Review

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Review GamersRD8

The category of asymmetric multiplayer games has grown, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre promises to give us a pleasant experience for lovers of this genre, and it also seeks to be one of the best adaptations of this franchise that we all know.

The mechanics are practically the same but in this case we have a 4v3 where there are 4 victims, those who were kidnapped and tortured who need to escape the other 3 enemies that in this case are the family. Something that we must take into account is that (obviously) in each game someone must be Leatherface.

The victims

That being said, we will first talk about the game’s graphics, which is quite acceptable for a game of this type. Really the setting of each of the maps available (in total 3 so far) makes us feel really fully familiar with what has happened in the franchise and what is currently happening in the game.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Review GamersRD

The map desEsports Extrasis quite challenging, in addition to the fact that it is worth mentioning how terrifying the basement can look, for example, from the point of view of a victim. The character desEsports Extrasis also quite attractive but at the same time a little poor in terms of the realism of the movements while walking around the map injured. It’s understandable because of the quality of the end product and it’s something we can’t fully focus on having a game like this.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Review GamersRD12

Around us we will see a lot of gore, bones and quite sinister places so to speak. Each location on this map has a name and with the help of these locations we can move forward in order to escape with our lives. The game mechanics are somewhat penalizing in a certain sense because even if we play a quick game with people we don’t know, the game penalizes you for leaving a person behind or not helping them escape.


Each character has their special abilities that complement a good team. The ease of being able to create tools to open doors or be more stealthy than others really puts us in the place of working as a team. At the end of the day we must all escape from this sour moment alive and even if you search everywhere, your character will always be injured and obviously with a strange difficulty to escape (something worthy of the movie).

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Review GamersRD1

What I didn’t like at a certain point is the lack of variability at the start of the game. As a Victim you simply start the game tied in the same place regardless of the map, a slight change in the locations could somehow change the methodology in the game but our job is to be stealthy, without having to alert those enemies that they want to kill our lives.

On the other hand, if we are part of Family (the bad guys) that is another fragrance since we have a little more to do than just hide and know the map. Each of these characters has a specific ability to start the hunt once you find out that they escaped. The movements in this case can be a bit rough and uncomfortable since you must somehow grab your victim in order to eliminate it completely. If one of these makes a sudden or sudden movement you can miss your moment and although they can hide very stealthily there will always be that mistake that some can make to win the game.

The family

This type of game is fun, I’m not going to tell you lies that I spent some enormous moments of tension thinking that they were going to find me and although it is difficult to win against players who do know the mechanics very well, in other cases it was quite easy. This type of game has a huge limitation and that is that it gets boring if you are not playing it with a group of friends. Another limitation is that to start a private game you must have at least 4 people in your same lobby, so in that case we cannot make games for “know the map” before going into public multiplayer and stuff like that.

Each character has certain abilities that we need to read quite well and understand, since in some cases these will be very useful or we will not use it at all, but above all it is always an excellent addition. The cinematic when someone from Family manages to capture you is quite graphic, a lot of violence and gore take over your screen, something that we have all loved and known about the franchise, making it one of the most faithful adaptations known to me.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Review GamersRD4

The goal is to escape and with the existence of several games of this type for many the gameplay is not so new. Before starting to play we have the facility to watch over and over again certain videos that explain the mechanics of each team, each character and of course something that is quite important and that is that as a member of Familiayou must remove the “Grandpa”, who activates a kind of detector or sonar that will greatly detect everyone around. These are the kinds of things that as a member of the bad team, you have to be aware of.

If you have to play as leatherfaceIt’s easy, you’re always breaking everything and many could say that this is the most powerful character in the game because it’s about him, however his movement is somewhat slow, which makes it easy to escape and give you a few more seconds of life while you think what to do. Other characters will be able to set traps for you to be detected and things like that. Each of these mechanics makes each game unique and different, only in a certain way monotony takes over you and of course boredom will come a bit.


The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Review GamersRD6

The performance of the game on PC is very reasonable, we are not facing a game that has a great visual demand but we also do not have something that causes instant frame drops. In my hours of play I did not have any performance or server connection related problems. Quite the contrary, for my PC’s specs this is a pretty moderate game. The details of my PC are as follows:

Of the sections that this game boasts a lot is the quality of the audio. Regardless of anything positive or negative that can be found, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre It has an excellent audio quality, not only in the easiest moments of the characters but you can also hear how the enemies are approaching. You can tell if they are up or in any other direction without the need to use abilities.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Review GamersRD3

This is something that above any subject, it can be said is something very intellectual of its creators. Immersion for me starts with the ears and having such audio quality is quite good. Leatherface’s chainsaw literally feels like the real thing up close to you and isn’t just some computer generated sound or something easy enough to replicate from other games.


In conclusion

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre it has what its peers don’t and is a new addition to the asymmetrical multiplayer formula. Now we have more enemies that in a way add balance. While in the others we have 1v5 matches (making this one enemy quite deadly) I could say that it is not as threatening as it seems as long as you know how to play your role. The crossplay mechanics and the way to find a quick game so that you can be assigned a role at random or the one you want makes everyone play what they like, how they like.

Escaping after being held captive for a long time and injured is not easy at all, but identifying the map with such amazing graphic detail makes us not lose faith so early, in addition to the fact that the directional audio quality that it has for me is unique in this regard. . Teamwork is the key and even if you get penalized for leaving a member of your team behind, the best way to do it is by using all the resources that are on your side. You can dedicate your several hours to the game and it will be even better with friends but at a certain point some things will become very monotonous. Only additional content saves and will keep a game like this alive. This review was done on PC and the copy of the game is thanks to Gun Media.

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