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At last we know that The Thaumaturge is the new project of 11 bit studios, which was known under the code name “Vitriol”. Although many of us thought that the Polish developer and publisher would not be involved in more projects, this one surprises us again. She is currently publishing The Invincible and The Thaumaturge.

They are also developing Frostpunk 2 and The Alters, the latter recently revealed. Fool’s Theory is the in charge of development of The Thaumaturge, who is also Polish. Although it is a small company, their current works are worth mentioning.

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The Thaumaturge is the new project of 11 bit studios, with its characteristic approach

The developer serves as a support for several highly anticipated games, such as Baldur’s Gate 3 and The Witcher remake. Now, and with the help of a company full of credibility like 11 bit studiosaim to create their first game with big ambitions.

The project is an RPG with a special focus on the story. It will be set in Warsaw, in the 20th century. It will feature a constant isometric view, tactical combat, and a significant investigation mechanic. The supernatural point will be the fearsome salutors, mysterious and ethereal beings. The ones in charge of dealing with them are the casters, who are able to use the Salutors as companions or use their energy to twist the will of the rest.

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The game will be set in Warsaw in 1905, where a melting pot of cultures agglomerate. Russians, Jews, Poles and others will be the ones who give life to the streets of the city, where crime and luxury happen in the same streets. It seems that we will also be able to interact with some important historical personalities who lived in Warsaw at that time.

The game will arrive with the text translated into a couple of languages, including USAfrom USA. Apparently, the game plans to release only on the main PC stores: Steam, GoG and Epic Games. Maybe in the future, if sales are good, a port for consoles could come true. of course the game does not have a launch window.