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The Thaumaturge will be a new narrative RPG set in Warsaw in 1905

the developer Fool’s Theory and the publisher 11 bit studios have announced a new story-based RPG titled The Thaumaturge. Announced along with a teaser trailer, the title will have a unique take on combat, character development features, and an investigation mechanic.

The Thaumaturge is set in Warsaw during the 20th century, after it has been annexed by the Russian Empire. Players will be forced to make morally ambiguous decisions as they play through the story.

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The game also features an undercurrent of supernatural aspects through the presence of beings called Salutors. These beings can only be perceived by the Thaumaturges of the same name, who can also use their unique abilities. In addition to helping with the overall narrative gameplay of The Thaumaturgethese Salutors will also come in handy in the game’s turn-based combat, allowing players to use powerful abilities against dangerous encounters.

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The Thaumaturge It doesn’t have a release date yet, but you can check it out as its announcement trailer indicates that it will only be available on PC at launch.

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