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The time has come: today we play Resident Evil 4 on GR Live

Tomorrow is a big day for Resident Evil fans as it marks the release of Resident Evil 4, the remake of the 2005 survival horror action game. Players will once again experience the solo adventure of Leon S Kennedy as he ventures into a remote USAtown to find and save the daughter of the President of the United States, kidnapped by the cruel and tormented clan of Los Illuminados. The game features the same main story, but with various visual and technical improvements to bring it up to modern gaming standards.

You can read more about this remake in our review, or watch it in our video review under the text, or even better, come check out the first hour of gameplay live with us.


From the usual time of 4:00 p.m., Ben takes the controls of the broadcast and will be the host to review the chapters of the game, all from the GR Live page and the Gamereactor channel on Twitch. Remember, Resident Evil 4 is out for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox on March 24.

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