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The Toads star in the new clip of The Super Mario Movie

The Toads are all hard workers in the Mushroom Kingdom. This has been made clear by the new footage from The Super Mario Bros. Movie screened during The Game Awards and introduced by Keegan-Michael Keyactor of the main Toad of the animated film that was released earlier in USA.

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The clip has shown the arrival of Mario at the citadel and later at Peach’s Castle, in what seems to be his first visit shortly after landing by surprise in the kingdom. In the background, a delicious orchestrated soundtrack remixes themes as classic as the bonus zone music from Super Mario Bros. 3, which then transitions to the classic theme of Super Mario Bros., Super Mario 64 and finally Super Mario World.

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The Toads go about their day to day and discover to an admired Mario (and apparently not at all used to platforms) how his blocks and pipes work, but the main backpacking Toad makes his way through the crowd: “Excuse me, but the brother of This gentleman is going to die imminently, stay away!”

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Here you can see the official clip of Super Mario Bros: The Movie

The Toads star in the new clip of The Super Mario Movie

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