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The trick to deny experience to our rivals in LoL

League of Legends has many secrets and over time players discover them. Mechanics that a priori do not tell us and that to discover them we have to play many hours. They are usually the players of high elo those who present them to everyone. And one of them has to do with the experience we can deny to rivals in the first levels.

The bottom lane It’s a two-on-two lane where you earn less experience than the other lanes. After all, the shooter and the support they are sharing experience. For this reason, leaving the rival ADC behind in experience is always beneficial, since it will cost him much more to climb or reach that level. power spike so longed for And here comes the trick that people like Martin Larsson «Rekkles” either carmen sandwich we have been introduced.

The LoL mechanics that will take away experience from our enemies

As we can see in the previous video, there is a little trick that will make the rivals who help the jungler to make their first camp can’t get to first minion. To do this, once we get online we must attack a minion Wizard. Once we follow this process, the casters they will go completely insane and start attacking a single minion.

Bearing this in mind, the life of our minion will go down faster preventing enemies from accessing it. In this way, they will start with less experience and we will have an advantage in this aspect. We will level up sooner and, therefore, we will have a greater leadership in the line. A little trick that will help us start ahead and that could translate into enabling our jungler to get a gank early.

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