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The true potential of the Hulk can never be shown in the MCU

The Hulk version of the MCU is limited and this is the reason why it is so.

The true potential of the Hulk can never be shown in the MCU

Hulk is one of the flagship characters of the publisher marvel comics and he could take on any insanely powerful hero or villain with a great chance of winning. There are many stories that have already shown the true power of Hulk and it is that he has even managed to destroy entire planets with his level of total destruction.

The Hulk version of the MCU is limited and this is the reason why it is so

The character has already appeared numerous times on the big screen and has been played by great actors such as Edward Norton either Mark Ruffalo. He currently he is the last one who gives life to the Green Giant in the UCM leaving great moments that can hardly be forgotten by viewers.

Hulk is still alive, everything has been a lie by Thor to set his friend free

Hulk is still alive, everything has been a lie by Thor to set his friend free

However, this version of Hulk It seems to be much weaker than the original since if it were the case that its full power was unleashed it could be a real threat even to its fellow heroes. It would be a daring move that would open the range to new stories never before seen on the big screen like Planet Hulk that could be a true revolution and that would surely have an overwhelming success.

Hulk He is one of the oldest characters. Marvel and many of his powers and backstory have changed multiple times throughout every legacy since he was created. In the original designs of Hulk a gray character was shown instead of green and he still retained his intelligence, although it was compromised by his anger. Hulk He ended up developing simple speech and his green color, along with tremendously increased strength and resistance to most weapons. He ended up achieving many feats that made Hulk a terrifying opponent to fight against.

Marvel has introduced a new Hulk more monstrous than the original

Marvel has introduced a new Hulk more monstrous than the original

The Incredible Hulk it’s too strong for him UCM current and last adventure of Marvel he has only confirmed that this version will never be seen in a movie. At least for the moment. Bruce Banner is one of the strongest physical threats of marvel comicsand even in his incarnation of smart-hulk can give any villain big problems. in the history of Mech Strike: Monster Hunters #4the true power of Hulk it is shown to the maximum: his rage unleashed.

In Mech Strike: Monster Hunters #4of Christos Gage and Paco Diaz, Hulk has another form: a body of monstrous proportions that has been affected by exposure to Magic eye of the Kraken. Thanos similarly transforms and the two fight, but Hulk reminds him of mad titan his main power. Marvel explains that the angrier he is Hulk the stronger it is.

hulk and hulk buster

Hulk destroying Hulkbuster from Avengers: Age of Ultron

This makes it clear that actually Bruce Banner has no limit to his powers and that only his anger can make the difference between seeing a Hulk much more powerful or not. Hulk is much more superior to the purple villain and ends up defeating Thanos as if it were an insignificant enemy.

The force of Hulk it is directly proportional to his anger, and this is his strongest power. Since there is no set limit to his anger, there are also no barriers to the strength he can attain. Secret Wars was a good example of this as it was shown that what happens to Hulk it is so

Hulk Hipster is the most interesting thing you will see today

Hulk Professor – Avengers: Endgame

In this story, many heroes are trapped under billions of tons of rock, and the heroes must make it Hulk get more and more angry so they can get out of the trap. Since this power in the movies would be exaggerated from a cinematic point of view, the strength of Hulk is certainly limited in UCM.

Also, Avengers: Endgame concludes with Bruce Banner permanently stuck in his way professor hulk and, as such, he cannot end up giving in to his anger. Unfortunately, Hulk he can’t access his strongest ability in the movie, which is pretty detrimental to the Avengers. Therefore, the true power of The Incredible Hulk can never be shown in the MCU, unless, somehow, Bruce Banner be again savage-hulk once again seeing the most destructive version of the character of all.

The 10 Marvel Characters Who Have Raised Thor's Hammer

Hulk managed to lift Thor’s hammer.

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