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The two games coming to Xbox Games With Gold this June

the two games coming to xbox games with gold this

Following Microsoft tradition, the two free games that will come with the Xbox Live Gold subscription are announced in June.

We are already at the end of the month, and as is tradition, Xbox has revealed what are the rewards that will come for its subscribers of goldenthe premium feature that allows you to play online on your platform.

For some time now, various parties have been warning that users are less and less satisfied with the games offered on the service, but there are still people who appreciate being able to receive games in a “free” when they pay their subscription. That is left to the opinion of each person, but what is true is that users who expect to receive AAA games as a reward from Xbox will generally be disappointed, since some time ago they only gave away quite unknown games.


Well, June will not be the exception guys, because it was announced that the games that will be given away this month to Xbox Live Gold subscribers are two games that more than one has never heard in their lives, the games of the month are Bye and The Vale: Shadow Of The Crown.

The people who were trying to predict the games of the month have not hit the nail on the head at all, since the games were said to be For Honor (although it had already been given away previously), The Catch: Carp & Coarse Fishing, Bladestorm: Nightmare or Soul Calibur VI.

But hey, let’s talk about the games that will be given in June.


Bye is a game with a very strong narrative emphasis, it follows the story of a man who used to dispose of bodies for the mafia, but finds himself growing tired of his moral decisions. It’s a pretty creative story, with diverse gameplay elements, and while obviously not everyone will be able to find a lower-key value like this, it’s not a generic game or lacking in character. What could be considered a negative is that it is possible to finish it in an hour, but that is understandable coming from a small studio without a lot of money.

The Vale: Shadow of the Crown has a much more experimental idea, it is a game where the main character is blind, and the only thing we have on the screen are colored dots to guide us, but to advance in this game, the player must be very attentive to the sounds, since there is even combat and we can only overcome the challenges if we use our sense of hearing to its maximum capacity, it is recommended to play with headphones.

This selection of games may not satisfy many, but at least we will have an interesting June with these two very particular games.