The Ultimate universe will revive in Marvel comics

8 years ago, the Marvel universe of comics was unified under the 616 roof and the Ultimate line disappeared in Secret Wars. Writer Jonathan Hickman plans to give it one more shot, along with artist Bryan Hitch, for a four-volume special titled Ultimate Invasion.

This short story will revolve around two characters who survived the destruction of the Ultimate universe and have found a new home in the main universe: Miles Morales (Spider-Man) and Reed Richards (Maker). Although Hickman has not released much information about the plot, everything indicates that it could be a resurrection of the Ultimate universe.

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“When Marvel put this project in front of us, we knew there had to be a good reason to revisit Ultimate comics.. mBeyond a good story or working together. With that in mind, it wouldn’t just be repeating what Bryan did in the original Ultimate – creating a modernized version that would eventually be the backbone of the MCU – and he certainly couldn’t do that. Which is instead a final chapter of a pre-existing universe.”

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Marvel Ultimate Invasion
The transformation of the Marvel universe begins with Ultimate Invasion.

The heroes of the new millennium

Marvel’s Ultimate Universe debuted in the year 2000, with the aim of offering readers a fresh take on characters from the Marvel Universe. Ultimate Spider-Man and The Ultimates they proved to be a bestseller and are usually credited with reviving Marvel’s fortunes, following its bankruptcy in the mid-1990s. Ultimate’s popularity waned over time and in 2015 it came to an end with Secret Wars.

Hickman was also involved in the franchise X Men with House of X of 2019 and Power of X. if in Ultimate Invasion He will do for the Ultimate universe the same thing he did for X Men, a new comic series could be on the horizon. Similarly, Hickman has an undisclosed project on the cosmic side of Marvel, from the hand of illustrator artist Valerio Schiti (The Fantastic Four).

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When does it come out Ultimate Invasion?

Ultimate Invasion It will be released on June 21, 2023.

Source: Entertainment Weekly