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The Uncharted writer is working on a new game set in the Marvel Universe

At a special showcase, some projects from Marvel presented. While some titles like the turn-based tactics game Marvel’s Midnight Suns from firaxis were already known, previously unknown projects were also announced. Among other things, the leakthat Amy Henningone of the authors of the Uncharted-Play, on a new game Marvel superheroes is working.

A name for the game that at Skydance New Media will be developed is not yet known. There was a first for that Trailers to see and some information about setting and characters. We summarize everything you need to know for you.

New Marvel game

It is currently still unclear to which genre the new title can be assigned. However, there are many indications that it is a Action Adventure With story focus could act. The story takes place in the 30’s or 40’s years, besides Paris could also be the fictional kingdom wakanda serve as a setting.

You can see the trailer of the game here:

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Apparently they play the main roles CaptainAmerica and Black Panthersmoreover will be with Nanalithe head of the Wakanda spy network and Gabriel Jonesa member of the Howling Commandos, two additional characters will be playable.

The trailer also suggests that the nasty organization Hydra as an opposing faction. Any super villains like Red Skull could also be part of the game. In addition, clear scratch marks on the famous shield of CaptainAmerica shown. So there seems to be some tension between the two title heroes.

In an interview with Esports Extrasalso comes Uncharted-author Amy Henning to word:

Marvel has been a great partner throughout the creative process as we developed our own story and assembled an exciting new team of characters. We hope fans are captivated by this preview and we look forward to sharing more info in the future.

When and for which platforms the nameless project should appear has not yet been published.


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