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The US authorizes the use of exoskeletons for patients with loss of mobility

The US authorizes the use of exoskeletons for patients with

Stroke or cerebral infarction is a cardiovascular disease that is considered one of the leading causes of disability in Western countries. In USA specifically, according to data from the USASociety of Neurology (SEN), 40% of patients who have suffered a stroke and are still alive have sequelae that make them unable to perform daily tasks. Therefore, it is very important to rehabilitation and in the US they take it so seriously that they have allowed the use of a Wandercraft exoskeleton for patients who have suffered a stroke or heart attack.


Stroke is considered the second cause of death of USA if we take into account the malesMeanwhile in women Go to the first place. In addition, the affected person has between a 25% and 30% chance of dying during said heart attack. In the event that he makes it out alive, only one third of those affected can continue to live without sequelae, because the rest will have a great cognitive deterioration. To deal with this, it is essential to rehabilitate patients so that they can recover their lost abilities and adapt to their new life.

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Authorize the use of exoskeletons in patients who have suffered a stroke

Exoskeleton stroke patients rehabilitation

The rehabilitation of stroke patients begins during the acute phase of the diseaseTherefore, the patient is assisted from practically the first day. Here a team of experts, among which we highlight a physiotherapista speech therapist and those in charge of occupational therapy, will focus on the rehabilitation of the patient. But the hospital therapy sessions will not be the only ones, since at home it is also recommended to work on rehabilitation so that the patient can gradually do things on their own.

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So far we know the standard procedure, but The United States wants to go one step further and will allow the rehabilitation of stroke patients using an exoskeleton. And that is, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has authorized the use of the Atalante exoskeleton created by Wandercraft for rehabilitation of patients. This will especially help people who have limited upper body mobility.

Wandercraft wants to bring its exoskeletons to the US during Q1 2023

Atalante Wandercraft

While this news is very positive for the recovery of stroke patients, these exoskeletons are very rare. In fact, they are not available for use yet, but the company plans to deliver their first units during the first quarter of 2023. Atalante exoskeletons will help patients give the first steps until they can walk naturally. From these exoskeletons we know that they have a self-balancing system that works through a battery. Of course, do not think that patients will be able to use them anywhere.

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And it is that they will require the help of a therapist, although once the patient has the exoskeleton they will be able to move on their own. This venture has only been around for a short time, but its investor Quadrant Management believes that Wandercraft will be able to expand its operations within a couple of years. At that time, maybe we will see Atlanta exoskeletons outside of the US being used in other countries in Europe. Meanwhile, they will be in charge of helping those affected by strokes, heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases. Well, in the American country, more than 795,000 people suffer a heart attack each year.


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