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The VALORANT game mode that you can try this month


The VALORANT game mode that you can try this month

VALORANT officially came into our lives last June 2020. Since then we have seen a multitude of changes to the video game. Without going any further, we recently lived a complete change of the game client interface, an update that a priori has been well accepted in the game. We have also seen the arrival of lots of new mapsas well as various agents who have joined the squad.

Well, now Riot Games has introduced a new game mode which will be available throughout this month and will last until the beginning of January 2023. It is the fast modenamely, a compressed version of the normal 5v5 mode. In this game mode, the team that wins five rounds wins, so we can play quickly to warm up and then get into ranked.

Quick Mode, the new VALORANT game mode

Quick Mode offers us two halves of four rounds each. Here we are faced with a completely restructured economy and, as if that were not enough, sudden death in the extension. There will also be an improved economy, all non-competitive maps and a completely different ability when it comes to buying weapons and equipment.

With this game mode, users will be able to have a good time in VALORANT without having to play until you win 13 rounds, something that can take longer than necessary at some point and that will prevent us from doing other things. Be supposed to the average duration of the games will be about 15 minutesthus enjoying the entire VALORANT experience in a very short time.

Quick Mode has been launched with the patch 5.12 and will be available to all players until January 10, 2023. A refreshing method to enjoy the shooter at the best level.

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