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The VCT LOCK//IN will have its own skin pack

will soon start a VALORANT Champions Tour LOCK//IN that has us all in suspense. All the teams from the three major leagues in the world will face each other in a unique tournament that will serve to meet new staff from all organizations. Of course, the spectators will also be able to participate in this great tournament. And it is that Riot Games will launch a new package that will have content related to the competition.

On the occasion of the start of this LOCK//IN, Riot Games has presented this capsule that will allow fans to support their respective regions. This package will include both one skin for the melee weapon as three cards that will represent each of the international leagues. All this will close with a graffiti that comes under the name of «COME ON«.

Image Source: Riot Games

This is the new capsule of the VCT LOCK//IN from VALORANT

As they have confirmed, obtaining this capsule will allow us to directly support the teams that participate in the tournament. Thus, 50% of all the benefits obtained with this collection between February 8 and March 7, will be distributed among all the associated teams of the VCT. The most important thing about this is that all these items will not return to the store or go through the Night Market, so we will only have one chance to get them.

The name of the knife will be “Mercy» and will have four color variants:

  • Green: VCT America
  • Blue: VCT Pacific
  • Purple: VCT EMEA
  • Red: VALORANT Champions Tour

The VCT LOCK//IN will start next February 13 starting at 6:00 p.m. (CET) and we will have the opportunity to see teams like koi, giants Gaming either team Heretics at the highest level of competitive VALORANT. It’s time to support our teams!

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