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The Voice Behind Pokemon’s Ash Ketchum Reveals How Lonely His Job Can Be

In an interview with IGN, sara natochennythe voice behind Ash Ketchumtalked about having to record the protagonist’s dialogue without any other actors present.

“It’s a very lonely thing, and you don’t realize the impact you’re having until you go out and do conventions and meet fans.”

Despite playing Ash for the past 17 years, Natochenny has never met Pikachu’s voice actor, Ikue Ōtani, nor Rika Matsumoto, the Japanese voice actor for Ash (aka Satoshi). Natochenny has never found them because the Japanese cast records his lines long before the English dub cast.

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After 25 years as Pokemon mascots, Ash and Pikachu will say goodbye to the franchise with an 11-episode farewell, which will premiere in Japan on January 13, 2023. In April 2023, the anime will transition to two leads, Riko and Roy, in the Paldea region of the Generation IX games.

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Following the departure of the iconic duo, Natochenny posted an emotional tribute to the characters.

“No matter what is beyond its final chapter, it will live forever in the hearts of many future generations.”

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