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The Walking Dead: a great mystery solved 12 years later

the walking dead: a great mystery solved 12 years later

The Walking Dead is a great success thanks to Daryl Dixon. This spin-off finally allows us to lift the veil on a major mystery from the original series, to the delight of fans.


In the second episode of the spin-off The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, a big reveal regarding a character named Laurent took place, also providing an answer to a long-unanswered question regarding the character of Lori in the main series The Walking Dead . It’s been a long time. Warning, this news contains spoilers.

A landmark episode for The Walking Dead

Indeed, in this episode of The Walking Dead, it is revealed, via a flashback, that Laurent, a boy who some believe to be a messiah, was born to a pregnant woman who was bitten by a zombie but who gave birth to a healthy baby. This information raises the possibility that Laurent can be immune to the virus, thus opening the door to the potential for a cure.


This new episode, in addition to providing clarification on the importance of Laurent, also answers a long-standing question concerning Lori’s death. Despite being reanimated as a zombie, Lily gives birth to a healthy baby, setting an intriguing precedent for the story. A nice echo because the parent series had seen Lori, a central character, die during childbirth during a zombie attack during season 3. A traumatic event occurring in a very dangerous environment.

The lore finally evolves

The series had never explored what would have happened if a pregnant Lori had been bitten by a zombie. This episode of the spin-off therefore provides an answer to this question, offering a significant revelation on the potential consequences of a zombie bite on a pregnant woman. This marks a big step forward in the universe of The Walking Dead, suggesting that a child born to an infected mother could be immune to the virus.

Additionally, the episode does not spare the tragic details, depicting a scene where nuns perform a C-section on Lily’s reanimated body, in an extremely dark moment, even by the series’ usual standards. However, a ray of hope remains: Lily’s baby survived, bringing a glimmer of hope in this gloomy atmosphere. Between this spin-off and Dead City, it seems that TWD is regaining the esteem of spectators. Enough to fully delight long-time fans as well as new followers.


It has been a while since the question of the cure has been brought to the forefront. It now remains to be determined whether the writers and directors have a plan for the future, even the distant future. Can we consider the introduction of a vaccine? Everything finally seems possible. Laurent’s lead still has to be the right one. It’s ultimately not so crazy to imagine that, with the zombie virus coming from France, the cure could also be found there.