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The Walking Dead: a new game is revealed and it’s a disaster

the walking dead: a new game is revealed and it's

The Walking Dead series is loved by a large number of viewers, although its quality has fluctuated over the seasons. Still, we’ve never had a game that really lived up to it, and this one seems to be no exception.


Unfortunately, we cannot say that the television series The Walking Dead has benefited from quality video game adaptations. Who could forget The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct and The Walking Dead: Onslaught? Faced with such errors, one would have hoped that AMC now wants an adaptation of better quality to honor its TV series. But it seems not, as the official announcement of The Walking Dead Destinies shows.

The Walking Dead Destinies, an announcement that does not appeal

Following recent information shared by Billbil-kun on Dealabs regarding a new game adapted from The Walking Dead series, publisher GameMill Entertainment confirms the existence of the Destinies game, planned for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch. Good news for the most fervent fans: the game will focus on seasons 1 to 4 of the series produced by AMC. This will therefore be an opportunity to find emblematic faces such as Shane and Merle Dixon.

This title will come in the form of a third-person action adventure game, offering the possibility of modifying the original plot. In other words, it is part of a “What If” theme, allowing you to discover what would have happened if certain characters had survived. A question that many fans appreciate, as shown by the numerous discussions on the forums on this subject. One can easily imagine the character of Shane, played by actor Jon Bernthal, inflicting a memorable beating on anyone who tried to harm him, with perhaps an epic duel against the Governor, the main antagonist before the emergence of Negan.


This game where you are the hero

To change the course of history, you will have the opportunity to fight hordes of infected with a wide variety of weapons, while seeking resources for your camp. The game should allow you to embody Rick Grimes, Shane, Michonne, Daryl, Merle, Carol, Carl, Lori, Glenn, T-Dog and even the Governor. If all this sounds enticing, it is unfortunately the first trailer for The Walking Dead Destinies that sows doubt. See for yourself :

The graphics engine and the questionable desEsports Extrasof certain characters (Rick in the lead) raise questions. Obviously, we are not immune to a good surprise, but it is unfortunate that a game based on such a cult series starts on such a bad foundation. Moreover, some fans do not hesitate to troll massively in the comments, comparing TWD Destinies to The Sopranos on PS2, which was a real disaster. We should learn more during Opening Night Live on Tuesday, August 22, or during Gamescom Opening Days, August 23-27.


Of your side, what do you think of this trailer? Rather worried or excited?