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The Walking Dead: Dead City, first trailer and images

Update (2/28/23): through the official account of the series on Twitter, we received a first preview of The Walking Dead: Dead City. Maggie and Negan must join forces to rescue Hershel – Maggie and Glenn’s son – kidnapped on what used to be the island of Manhattan.

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Original note (10/10/22): when the ‘spin-off’ series of the walking dead surprisingly starring Maggie and Neganthis was known as Isle of the Dead. Based on the island of Manhattan located in New York. During the last Comic-Con in New York, AMC revealed some images of what will be officially known as The Walking Dead: Dead City.

Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan will once again give life to Maggie and Negan in a shared screen that leaves high doubts. What the first pictures of Dead City show, however, is that the conflict between the two characters continues in the infested city of New York.

The Walking Dead: Dead City
Maggie and Negan, once again mismatched allies.

in the world of the walking dead, the “Big Apple” was long ago cut off from the mainland of New York. An area full of the living and the dead alike. If something about this post-apocalypse reminds us of the movie Escape from New York by John Carpenter, perhaps it is intentional.

When it premieres The Walking Dead: Dead City?

We still don’t know the specific release date of The Walking Dead: Dead Citywe only know that it comes out in June 2023.

Daryl Dixon (New serie)

in the dashboard the walking dead of the New York Comic-Con, the actor Norman Reedus was present and spoke a little about the ‘spin-off’ that his popular character will star in. Regarding the case of Melissa McBride (Carol), Reedus assured that “There have been several talks. Quiet. Everything will be fine.”


“It’s in France. Epic in scale. I mean, fucking epic. I’ve been to some of the locations…it’s really crazy what we’re going to do there. I think France is going to have a heart attack. It looks different to see, different to hear. It’s going to be fun. There will be some familiar faces. Don’t ask me.»

Norman Reedus

Part 3 of season 11 of the walking dead is fully available. You can see the final episodes of the series through Star+ in Latin America.

Source: IGN


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