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The winner of 7 vs. Wild will have their own survival series on YouTube – starting tomorrow

YouTuber OttoBulletproof became a fan favorite and winner of Season 2 of 7 vs. Wild. Now he’s doing his own survival series on YouTube.

What series is this? The “Arctic Warrior” is a survival series on YouTube created by Otto “OttoBulletproof” Karasch and starts on Sunday April 23, 2023.


The series sees eight teams of two battling it out in the icy landscape of Lapland, Finland for the title of Arctic Warrior. In doing so, they are exposed to the dangers of unyielding nature. The team that reaches the destination first and collects the most points in various challenges wins.

Each team consists of a survival inexperienced participant (a civilian) and a professional who roam Lapland together for 5 days.

The participants include Sascha “unsympatischTV” Hellinger, the actress Yvone Pferrer and MMA fighter Stephan Pütz. Among the pros there are various members of the military, such as a mountain infantryman and a foreEsports Extraslegionnaire.


When does the Arctic Warrior start and when are new episodes coming? The Arctic Warrior starts on Sunday, April 23, 2023 at 5:00 p.m. After that, new episodes will appear every Sunday and Wednesday at 5:00 p.m., which you can watch on Paramount+ and the OttoBulletproof YouTube channel (via YouTube)

Former paratrooper and winner of 7 vs. Wild Season 2

Who is OttoBulletproof? According to his own statements, Otto Karasch is a former paratrooper in the Bundeswehr. He makes videos on the subject of survival on YouTube and regularly gives insights into the experiences he had as a career soldier.

Otto was also one of 7 contestants in Season 2 of 7 vs. Wild. He endured the fight for survival to the end, earning numerous points in the daily challenges and winning the second season of the survival series. In doing so, he advanced to become one of the audience’s favorites within the episodes by acting both professionally and down-to-earth.

The Arctic Warrior is the successor to the “Ocean Warrior”, a previous major project by Otto. One of the participants in the Ocean Warrior was “7 vs. Wild” founder Fritz Meinecke.

8 professionals meet 8 civilians

Who participates in the Arctic Warrior? Otto himself will take part in the project as one of eight professionals. There are also 8 civilian participants who have no survival experience.


Among these eight inexperienced participants are two so-called wildcards who are not prominent and who have applied to take part in the project.

The eight civilian participants:

  • Sascha “unsympatischTV” Hellinger – YouTuber and streamer
  • Yvonne Pferrer – actress
  • Stephan Pütz – MMA fighter
  • Evil Jared – Musician from the Bloodhound Gang, also known for appearing on various TV formats
  • Gerd Schönfelder – Ski racer who won 16 gold medals at the Paralympic Games
  • Alex “Roofless Cat” Müller-Perlefein – YouTuber

There is no detailed information about the eight professionals because some of them are still on active duty.


The eight pros:

  • Ottogerd “OttoBulletproof” Karasch – Former paratrooper of the Parachute Special Platoon
  • Tom-KSK
  • Philipp – mountaineer from the high mountain range
  • Sahin – Sniper from Air Force Security
  • Manu – Army reconnaissance officer
  • Mello – Bundeswehr Survival Instructor
  • Hauke ​​– former foreEsports Extraslegionnaire
  • Tatjana – Jägerbataillon 25, Austrian Armed Forces

The YouTuber and fitness expert Sascha Huber was also supposed to take part in Arctic Warrior as a civilian and was in Lapland during the filming, but he injured himself beforehand and was eliminated accordingly. Sascha Huber was also previously on the second season of 7 vs. Wild.

You can see the introduction video of all participants and the trailer on the OttoBulletproof YouTube channel:

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With Arctic Warrior, Otto creates an alternative show to 7 vs. Wild that you can watch until the release of season three of the survival series.

Twitch streamer Trymacs has also tried a similar project called “Nerd in the Dirt” and was supported by Otto.

The streamer denied allegations that he copied 7 vs Wild with Nerd in the Dirt:


Trymacs denies allegations that he copied 7 vs. Wild with his survival show