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The Witcher 3 receives a new patch that increases its performance by 9%

The so-called The Witcher 3 Next-Gen, with the successive improvements to Ray Tracing and other settings that improve the visual aspect of the game, met with a great wave of criticism at the launch of the patch that changed everything. After several weeks working in silence, CD Projekt Red managed to calm things down by adding an update and quelling the problems. Well, today we have a new patch for The Witcher 3 called 4.01which increases the performance and stability of the game.

The good thing about this new patch is that it will arrive for all platforms without distinction, which means PC, Xbox Series S and X, as well as PlayStation 5. The improvements are several and very interesting, especially since they change the focus of performance with Ray Tracing of the game, something that was also being criticized.


The Witcher 3 4.01, a great patch that can increase performance

The Witcher 3 next gen PC problems

The “performance mode” the game has received for ray tracing global illumination was a real hit on the developer’s part. Adjusting the performance level of something as critical as Ray Tracing prioritizing FPS over visual quality is necessary, especially if you have older hardware.

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This patch improves what is present beyond this performance mode, offering a series of novelties that reach both console and PC, being different notes for both, which we will summarize in one go to make it more enjoyable.


Summary of changes

Patch 4.01 for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt improves overall stability and game performance on the latest generation consoles and PC, and brings various fixes to all platforms. This is the official changelog by platform:


– Fixed an issue where the settings of the Screen Space Reflections It didn’t work on PC despite being activated. Players who had previously set their SSR to a high level may notice a performance hit.
– Added a new performance mode for ray-traced global illumination, which players can toggle with compatible hardware. Improves frame rate by prioritizing performance over range and accuracy.


– Fixed an issue where consoles could create more saves than its set limit, leading to various issues when saving the game or resetting user settings.
– Improved the quality of Screen Space Reflections on next generation consoles.
– included Optimized global illumination with ray tracing on next generation consoles to improve the performance of Ray Tracing mode.

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MISSIONS AND GAMEPLAY – Available on all platforms

– Battle Preparations: Fixed an issue where it could be impossible to interact with Avallac’h during the objective “Let Avallac’h know that everything is ready”.
– Family Matters: Fixed an issue that could cause the game to crash during the transition to Ciri’s Story: Out of the Shadows when talking to the Bloody Baron.
– King’s Gambit: Fixed an issue where it could be impossible to participate in the fistfight with the second Vildkaarl due to a invisible obstacle.
– Wine Wars: Belgaard: Added a fix for the issue we fixed in 4.00, where the quest could not be completed if the player destroyed one of the monster nests required during scanning.
– A Dangerous Game – Caesar’s Armor: The armor in Caesar’s room should now change your appearance when the alternate Nilfgaardian armor is activated.
– Axii: increased health and damage dealt.
– The Adrenaline Rush mutation should now work as described.
– Various small fixes to missions and cutscenes.

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LOCATION – Available on all platforms

– Fixed various issues with Arabic localization.
– Added localized versions of Orianna’s song “Lullaby of Woe” in Korean and Simplified Chinese.
– Adjusted Priscilla’s lip sync animation to match her Simplified Chinese voiceover during the song “The Wolven Storm”.

Finally, the guys from CapframeX have measured the performance of the patch under 1080p and RT in Ultra+ where they have seen that they have achieved a 9% more FPSespecially in bass, which is great news for all fans of the adventures of Gerald de Rivia.


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