The Witcher: big revelations about the franchise 35 years later

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The Witcher: big revelations about the franchise 35 years later

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After announcing huge news about The Witcher, the creator made a big and unusual revelation about the birth of this cult license.

While Netflix subscribers are still mourning the departure of Henry Cavill in his role as Geralt of Rivia, The Witcher’s dad, Andrzej Sapkowski, continues to confide in his work. During a YouTube show with five Ukrainian writers, the author returned to the genesis of the novels with a trade secret.

A confession about the birth of The Witcher

The Witcher or The Witcher was born in 1986 with a first short story. It was only after several years of short stories that the Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski wrote and published different novels, which would later serve as a starting point for the development of video games and The Witcher Netflix series. During an interview with Fantastic talk(s), Sapkowski explained the origin of the franchise’s name. And he didn’t find it after a long brainstorming session, quite the contrary.

The writer thus said that there was no masculine equivalent to the feminine word “Wiedźma” or Witch in Polish. Which was necessarily annoying since the hero, Geralt de Riv, is a man. He then decided to invent the variation “Wiedźmin”, the “male pendant of a witch” (via Witcher587). He also clarified that The Witcher universe is inspired by Slavic mythology. “It’s a journalist thing” after Sapkowski who also refuted the Roman Empire inspiration for Nilfgaard’s Empire design. During this exchange, we also learn that the author did not plan to create a map of the Continent. It was actually a Czech translator who brought this idea to life.

Recently, Andrzej Sapkowski made a huge announcement: a new The Witcher book is coming in 2024. And I promise, it won’t normally be delayed ad vitam like the Game of Thrones books. ” Yes, I am diligently working on a new book. It may take a year, but not more..

Andrzej Sapkowski (credits: Steam Rehberi).

The Netflix series continues, new games are also expected

Apart from an unreleased book by Sapkowski, CD Projekt Red has unveiled new The Witcher games. Project Sirius by The Molasses Flood, Project Canis Majoris which is a remake of the first part and finally a fourth episode. For the moment, all these projects are not progressing at the same speed, but the studio wanted to be reassuring about the state of development of The Witcher 4.

The Witcher will also be back with season 4 of the Netflix TV show. But instead of Henry Cavill, it is Liam Hemsworth who will slip into the clothes of Geralt de Riv. A change that angered the fans, who are unanimous in the fact that it was the strong point of the adaptation, and which therefore risks dividing. But no matter your criticisms, the production is totally comfortable with their choices.

If the series The Witcher is so confusing and simplified, it is because of the Americans as well as the Tik Tok generation according to producer Tomek Baginski. “ A lot of fans are American, so these simplifications don’t just make sense, they’re necessary.. Dear children, what you inflict on yourselves makes you less resistant to longer content, to long chains of causes and consequences. he blurted out. An explanation that was not really to everyone’s taste.

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