The Witcher series: the reason for Henry Cavill’s departure finally revealed?

the witcher series: the reason for henry cavill's departure finally

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The Witcher series: the reason for Henry Cavill’s departure finally revealed?

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The reasons for Henry Cavill’s departure from The Witcher series still remain a mystery. The director Marc Jobst therefore took the floor to explain himself and according to him, the actor was too good.

It’s no longer a secret, Henry Cavill will soon leave the mantle of Geralt De Riv to Liam Hemsworth. It is therefore necessary to take advantage of season 3, because after that, the series The Witcher will be done without this actor so appreciated by the fans. But then, why did you replace it? As of now, Cavill has yet to speak on the subject. But the director of part of the episodes of season 1, Marc Jobst, has decided to break the silence.

The Witcher and Henry Cavill, the perfect marriage?

In an interview given to Screen Rant, the director details the monstrous work required to produce the first three seasons. Henry Cavill was visibly impressive, for the simple reason that he categorically refused to have a stuntman. He wished to live dangerously, like the White Wolf. ” You know, these are demanding shows to do, they are huge. Henry is in charge of doing all his stunts. Even if you’re just doing a close-up of a hand grabbing a sword, it must be his hand. “, he explains in the preamble.

An investment on the part of the actor who delighted the film crew. Admittedly, he couldn’t take the opportunity to shoot other scenes, but the result was amazing. Jobst explains that a day on The Witcher set could last up to 12 hours straight. And Cavill sometimes worked hard, without breaks, to deliver the best possible rendition of his performance. But this has a cost and the director was worried.

It’s exhausting for number one, so after three seasons, I was like, “Okay, he brought the show to life, and if he feels like he’s done everything he could, I’ll give him trust”.

Marc Jobst

Henry Cavill would therefore have left to rest after having given everything for the Netflix series. In view of the words of Marc Jobst, this does not seem impossible. But fans are still waiting for an official statement from Henry Cavill before moving on. According to one of his colleagues, Anya Chalotra, we must forget the theories aimed at depicting internal disputes.

The Netflix series in danger?

Currently, the production of the series is in critical situation. As a reminder, there is a screenwriters’ strike in Hollywood. As a result, many projects find themselves at an impasse, like the last season of Stranger Things and seasons 4 and 5 of The Witcher. Even if the writing of the fourth is well advanced, it is impossible for the showrunners to start filming without a scriptwriter to prepare the episodes to come. At least Liam Hemsworth has time to prepare for the role.

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