The Witcher: the series already dead after the departure of Henry Cavill?

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the witcher: the series already dead after the departure of

The Witcher series doesn’t only bring good news. The latest information about him is clearly not happy… quite the contrary. It’s Henry Cavill’s replacement who isn’t going to be happy.

Series The Witcher is one of Netflix’s biggest successes, largely galvanized by the success of CD Projekt games. However, the series does indeed take the books as inspiration, which means that many things differ drastically from the video game adaptations. In truth, the showrunners took it easy, even using the books as source material. The popularity of the program is no longer in doubt, but everything is not rosy.

The Netflix series The Witcher is running out of steam

In addition to the license, it is also the casting that works wonderfully. With Anya Chalotra, more beautiful than ever as Yennefer, Henry Cavill who plays a larger-than-life Geralt, or even Freya Allan as a rather convincing Ciri, and the very funny Joey Batey in the skin of Jaskier. But if it is very appreciated, it also divides very clearly and is gradually running out of steam.

The more the seasons progress, the greater the disappointment. While many fans were already disappointed with the treatment of certain characters and storylines in season 2, even more fans of the franchise jumped out of their chairs with season 3. It must be said that the showrunners and even Netflix had sold us a dream with Henry Cavill’s grand finale, but for many spectators, it was a total failure and inexcusable. Either, soon, season 4 will land on the SVOD platform with Liam Hemsworth, whether fans like it or not. However, according to the latest rumors, the future of the entire series is very uncertain.

…and could well stop before its time

According to the site Redanian Intelligence, source of several leaks and solid information around the franchise, it smells like a scorch. Originally, seasons 4 and 5 were to be filmed in one go, but with the strike, plans changed. Finally, there will be a little downtime between the two seasons, and besides, season 5 could well be the last of the series. The reasons ? We ignore it. Redanian Intelligence says these are rumors at the moment, but generally, their echoes rarely ring true.

However, there is still a lot to cover in the series, the first three seasons did not cover the entirety of the books released to date. There are still three volumes to develop in the series, a whole bunch of intrigues and important events to discover… in short, the task promises to be difficult if the showrunners find themselves forced to compile everything in the last two seasons. Not to mention poor Liam Hemsworth who will barely have time to play the character in the end. On the other hand, fans who believe that Henry Cavill is irreplaceable will certainly be delighted with this premature death of the Netflix series.

But for the moment we are taking it with a grain of salt, we will wait carefully for the news to become official, even if the source of the information is rarely wrong.

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