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The Witcher writers did not know that the third season would be divided into two volumes

the witcher writers did not know that the third season

The writers of the Netflix series The Witcher were unaware that the third season of the series would be split into two volumes when they were writing the initial draft of the season.

According to Lauren Hissrichthe writers did not know that, like You and Stranger Things, The Witcher would be divided into two volumes so that Netflix could get more profitability from its biggest series, especially after bleeding out in subscriptions in USA.


“When we wrote the season, we didn’t have in mind splitting it into two volumes,” Hissrich explains, “but for fans familiar with The Time of Contempt novel, there’s an epic event that blows up the continent as we know it, and whose The denouement provided us with the perfect cliff-hanger. We couldn’t have planned it better.”

Fans of the books will probably already have an idea of ​​what Hissrich is referring to here, and considering the vast deviations Season 2 took from the books, it’s somewhat of a relief to hear that the original story is somewhat reeling from the books. manner. It remains to be seen to what extent the series sticks to the books this time.

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