The worst event in the history of Fortnite has been a sample of everything that is wrong with the Epic Games game today

Tom Henry

The worst event in the history of Fortnite has been a sample of everything that is wrong with the Epic Games game today

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At 10:00 p.m. on Saturday, having stopped a movie halfway through so as not to lose detail of what was about to happen, the Fortnite Fracture event has put an end to a tradition that we have been keeping as a family since a rocket hit. the audacity to break the sky and break space-time.

The farewell to the last season of Fortnitethe tremendous finale in which we would normally curl up in front of the television to enjoy whatever it was that Epic Games It was taken out of the sleeve, nor has it been final, nor has it been tremendous, nor has it given us excuses to repeat what, to a greater or lesser extent, was always a good reason to return.

An event to forget

Hand in hand with two cinematics and an event, which wanted to be nostalgic but went on too long stretching a piece of gum that after two minutes was already pointing to bland, Fortnite has closed the blind on one of the least striking seasons in recent years.

Clinging to the meme and the licenses like a burning nail for Goku and company to save the ballot from the lack of ideas and the bleeding of users, the last season of a Chapter 3 that has made an effort just enough to highlight has ended almost as it began: with neglect.

What would normally have been an epic final battle against enemy number 1 in recent months, once an interaction between giant dolls that made you part of what was happening on the island, today has ended with a simple cinematic after which , as the canons mark, the game has returned control to us.

But where we all expected Epic Games Y Fortnite raise the bar again, what we’ve found has been a brainless event where you run around collecting items and completing equally uninspired quests.

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The future of Fortnite at stake

It is not every day that there can be a black hole, or an overturning of the island, or a snowfall that paints the map as if by magic, leaving everyone stunned with the technical achievement that such a revolution represents, being broadcast live throughout the world at in unison, but far from clinging to a middle point, this time they have tried to put the measuring rod at ground level to try to lift whatever comes next.

After a walk of several minutes jumping from here to there constantly inviting you to have the feeling that you are only burning minutes until something really ends up happening, what has followed has been the absolute nothing. A cinematic, a screen inviting you to wait a few hours until the next thing arrives, and something else, butterfly.

Not even here have they been able to escape from the usual trend of licenses that save the ballot, introducing in the middle of the video a Hulka The Witcher and a doomslayer that serve as an excuse to, at least, have something to comment on.

Almost 12 hours after his disappointing endingChapter 4 will close a questionable stage for Fortnite and start a new one. It remains to be seen if all the meat that they have not thrown here on the grill was being saved for something else, but right now there is not much hope placed on it.

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