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Tom Henry

the xbox game pass price increase in spain is already

We knew that sooner or later it would happen, the price had already risen in other territories and it was a matter of time before the rise arrived in USA. Officially, there was no agreed date for our country, but Microsoft said that there would not be much difference with other markets and we all expected the rise on July 6. However, at least in my case, there has been no rise until today.

And it is that I have received a confirmation email from Microsoft where it warns of the new price for the subscription. It is a timid climb, but a climb nonetheless. Luckily you still have alternative methods to get a membership at a better price like those offered by Gamivo and other Keys stores.

The mail received by USAusers

Below I leave you the text and a screenshot of the email received, it is not far from the rest of the emails that were already circulating on the network. But I insist, I received it today. What you should know is that the base version instead of 9.99 now costs 10.99 officially, and the Ultimate goes from 12.99 to 14.99 euros. Of course, this email is for those who have an automatic monthly subscription, as is my case.

Thank you for being an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member. We want to give you details on how we plan to increase our prices and give you the best gaming experience possible. After August 13, 2023, your payment will be €14.99 plus applicable taxes in each periodicity instance. To manage your account, change how you pay, or stop future charges, visit your Microsoft account.

These updated prices allow us to offer more value and choices to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

mail game pass price rises USA generationxbox

Mail received by Xbox for USAusers.

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