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their sales are only 15% of AMD CPUs

AMD launched its Ryzen 7000 desktop processors a few weeks ago, a new generation that promises a good performance jump. Although the increase in IPC and frequencies is quite noticeable and there really is a difference between the Ryzen 5000 and the Ryzen 7000the sales of new CPUs AMD Zen 4 They have not been very high at launch.

In an era of economic recession and one inflation increasingly severe worldwide, our money is becoming more valuable to us and most of us prefer to save as we can and skimp less on expenses. If we add to this the collapse of the value of the euro compared to the US dollar, we find ourselves in a difficult economic situation. This has given rise to prices in the European market that are unattractive for most consumers, because given the euro/dollar parity, we end up with much higher prices in Europe. In this difficult situation, AMD has wanted to sell processors like the Ryzen 7600X from 6 cores to more than 350 euros or the Ryzen 7700X a more than 450 euros and, logically, they have not had the expected success.

Ryzen 7000 sales are poor, AMD depends on Ryzen 5000

According to TechEpiphany on Twitter, sales of the new Zen 4 CPUs are leaving a lot to be desired. We are talking about only 300 units of CPUs sold on the platform AM5 (Zen 4), a very low number considering that we have only been 2 weeks since they were released and they are a novelty. And it is that, if we compare it to the figures of AM4 (Zen 3), the winner is clear, because with 1970 units sold in the week destroy the new generation. This means that in this particular store, Mindfactory, almost 7 Ryzen 5000 are sold for every Ryzen 7000.

Fortunately for AMD, the new CPUs are outselling the Intel Core 12 at launchbut the figures are still very low when compared to the success of Zen 3. In fact, one retailer claimed that with the rate of sale of the Ryzen 7000, it will take months to sell the same as in a few hours during the launch of Ryzen 5000. It must also be said that AMD sells considerably more processors than Intel, giving a figure of 2,270 sales in one week against 1,270 for its rival. But keeping in mind that these are only the figures of mindfactoryare not an indicator of global sales.

On Amazon, Zen 3 CPUs lead sales, there is no Zen 4 in the top 10

We thus go to an online store as famous as Amazon, to see on a larger scale, the difference in sales between AMD Ryzen 7000 and Ryzen 5000 CPUs. The latter, as we can see in the amazon American top the list best selling processorswhere he 12-core 5900X is the best sellerthen at a price of $335 It is a bargain if you take advantage of its cores outside of gaming. Behind him we have 5600X by $165 and to 5600G by $130, quite competent cheap CPUs for games. Until here we do not find the first Intel, being in the number 4 position in sales on i7-12700KF by $302.

However, we did not find a Ryzen 7000 processor until we reached the 18th positionwhere appears the 7950X 16 core and we don’t find no other Zen 4 CPU in the top 30 positions. We now turn to amazon USA, where the sales figures vary quite a bit, as we see that AMD sells even more AM4 processors but less AM5. In fact, we can see that the top 1 best-selling CPU in USA belongs to 5600G by 168 euros and third place goes to 5600X by 225 euros. Fourth place is already held by 5900X by €457while Intel appears in sixth place with the i7-12700K by 430 euros.

Surprisingly, the first Zen 4 processor we found is the Ryzen 7700X by €475 at number 11 and we have to go down to number 27 to see the 7900X by €662. From there, until number 40 we do not find the Ryzen 7950X by €885 and we don’t see no trace of the 7600X.

High prices and Core 13 are the cause of poor sales

Intel Raptor Lake

We are not going to deny that the price difference between AM4 and AM5 is very disparate, since we are talking about buying a CPU Ryzen 5000 saves us sometimes more than 200 euros. If we add to this the fact that for the Ryzen 7000 we need a new motherboard and DDR5 memory, the price increases too much for most users. And it is that, in the economic situation in which we find ourselves, paying the prices of the X670 and X670E motherboards, which cost more than 300 euros, is something that many are not willing to do. Even the B650 and B650E motherboards are significantly more expensive than the current B550.

As if that were not enough, DDR5 RAM is also significantly more expensive than DDR4, although we already know that investing in DDR5 is not such a bad idea to think about in the future, although prices should drop more first. Speaking of these, although Intel Core 13 are not the panaceayes we we save some money adding the combination of CPU, motherboard and DDR4 memory. In addition, we have considered it a compelling reason for the simple fact that if Intel Raptor Lake beats AMD Ryzen 7000 in games, they will most likely beat them in sales.

Although, seeing the prices at which they will arrive, if you already have a PC competent, the smartest thing is that you try put up with him as long as you can or choose to acquire something from the past generation. Let’s hope so, that over time, updating the processor or the graphics card does not involve such a large outlay, although seeing the economic situation in which we find ourselves, it will not be soon.

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