There are already 600 million downloads of eFootball 2023

eFootball continues to grow and evolve with each new patch and content coming to the game on both the console, PC and mobile versions. And he’s also doing really well, getting great support from the players, and the proof of this are his figures.

konami has announced that 600 million people have downloaded and played eFootball since its launch, and to commemorate this momentous milestone, will launch a new rewards campaEsports Extrasas an in-game thank you.

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from today and Until the 30th of Marcheveryone who connects to eFootball 2023 will receive 10 coins a day (up to a maximum of 280 coins during the entire period). In addition, everyone who checks a goal with Neymar Jr. between March 2 and 16 or with Lionel Messi between March 16 and 30 you will be rewarded with extra coins, Game Points and even 10,000 EXP.

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But best of all is the second free reward, which will award everyone who logs into the game with Neymar Jr’s Show Time card, with a score of 96, making it a highly coveted reward for Season 3. of the game.

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There will also be a coin sale during this period, as well as a special skill event. Check out the event trailer below.

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