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There are already those who have Splatoon 3 before its launch: be very careful with possible spoilers


A user on Twitter is leaking unpublished content from the Nintendo video game on social networks.

There is barely a week left for the title to go on the market definitively, but it seems that there are already those who have it in their hands and are dedicating themselves to uploading spoiler-prone content to social networks. Splatoon 3 can already be obtained in some way because a player already has it and is playing it, as shown on his Twitter.


As reported by the VGC medium, a Twitter user named Splatoon3Leaks is uploading video game content as a short videos Which could be considered spoilers perfectly. Not so much at the narrative level, but yes in terms of gameplay, well there are some elements that are better to see for yourself instead of on Twitter.

From Esports Extras we are not going to comment on any type of content, but we warn that the users he is already spreading it on his Twitter with hashtags. Maybe more people will collect this and dedicate themselves to doing the same. He has even already compiled all the bosses along with the Splatoon 3 cut-scenes in the pinned tweet on his profile, so it is recommended not to visit him.

We recently learned that Splatoon 3 kicked out the first cheaters days before its release on Nintendo Switch. will hit the market on September 9 After having premiered on August 27 the Splatfest World Premiere. Moreover, that is why Nintendo had the detail of giving a free 7-day trial to anyone who is not subscribed to Switch Online to enjoy the event.