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There is a new Ghost Recon in development, according to sources close to the study – AnaitGames

As reported by Kotaku, two sources close to the Paris studio of Ubisoft have confirmed the development of a new title of Ghost Recon. The game would have been a little over a year in development, and at the moment we don’t know many more details outside of its code name, «OVER», and from a launch window that these two sources set for the next fiscal year, that is, between April 2023 and March 2024.

This title, in fact, already appeared with the same code name among the multitude of games leaked by Nvidia in that GeForce Now list, so it seems clear that there are reasons to trust its veracity.

Kotaku leaks also mention news about Ghost Recon: Frontline, this kind of spin-off announced on the 20th anniversary of the series that is defined as a “massive PvP shooter in the first person” and from which we can assume that it will be a game as a service, more considering than in Several media highlighted its similarity to Call of Duty: Warzone. These sources mention that this title has undergone a kind of “reset” after the negative comments from the community after its presentation, something that could totally change the concept of the game.

Ubisoft gave us news just a couple of days ago of the most recent in the saga so far, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, by announcing that it would stop receiving content in the form of updates, two and a half years after its release in 2019. This break definitive for new additions also included their NFTs, although they warned that these elements would have “future releases with other games.”

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