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There is already a date for the open beta of Diablo IV | we are xbox

As we mentioned at the beginning of February, the Esports ExtrasFan Fest 2023 was the right event to show the date for the Diablo IV open beta. We got to see a trailer, which will be the first we’ll see when we start the open beta and when the game finally launches. As the game has been presented, there will be exclusive and anticipated content, with preference for those who pay the pre-purchaseplus the extra benefits of the more expensive editions.


The first weekend, between March 17 and 19, the beta will be open exclusively for those who make the pre-purchase, regardless of the version obtained. The second weekend, between March 24 and 26, will be the date for the open beta of Diablo IV, open to everyone. It is confirmed that the consoles on which the game is released will also receive the open beta, on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC.

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The date for the open beta of Diablo IV is confirmed, with details that are appreciated

You will be able to venture through Diablo IV’s Act I prologue and setting, Fractured Heights, without limitations. The maximum level will be 25, a quarter of the total available when the game launches on April 6. There will be no hour limits to play, and if you pre-purchased, your character from the first weekend will be saved to play it the second weekend. Obviously, all of this progress will be lost by the game’s world premiere.

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The open beta will serve to test the servers, adjust the power of the builds and detect performance problems. Community feedback will be important. In the first cinematic of the game, as well as in subsequent ones, your custom character will appear in the cinematics dynamically.


This February 28th, world designer Art Peshkov, system designer Meng Song, and game director Joe Shely will delve deeper into the details of the open beta. LThe main topics will be how the setting works and detailing the armor systems.

As an interesting detail, a 66cm statue of Inarius will be available on the eShop. This is shown chained with demonic shackles, probably this is the prison in which Mephisto tortured him since the angels delivered him as an offer not to start a war between these two fronts, which would be catastrophic for Sanctuary.

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