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There is still hope for the remake of Star Wars: KOTOR

there is still hope for the remake of star wars:

After it was reported last year that development of the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake had been taken over by another studio, we didn’t expect it to arrive anytime soon. But recently insider and journalist Jeff Grubb stated that he wouldn’t be surprised if we never saw the game, which took a toll on many players’ morale.

However, thanks to a recent report from the Embracer Group, we have a slight hope that the game is still going. The project is now listed under active development with the subtitle “PC/Console releases announced as of May 24, 2023.”


Details are incredibly sparse, and we don’t even know for sure which studio is handling the KOTOR remake, but it’s quite possible that the main weight is on the shoulders of Saber Interactive. It is supposed that 2025 will be when we can have the game at the earliest, so don’t expect to have much news about it anytime soon.

Thanks PC Gamer.