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There is still hope for the second season of Willow

A few days ago, it was reported that Willow had been canceled after its first season on Disney+. This left many fans of the series (including myself) a bit disappointed, as it was nice to see the streaming service exploring something other than Marvel or Star Wars.

While we definitely won’t be getting any more Willow anytime soon, series creator, Jon Kasdan, has taken to Twitter to deny this report and announce that Willow is not dead. Rather she is on a hiatus as she navigates the world and Hollywood programming.


Kasdan stated: “The truth is less scandalous, but here it is: The decision was made last week to free up our main cast for other series opportunities that may come their way next year. With all the TV and movies that are being produced all over the world, it seems unfair to limit the availability of an actor without having a clear idea of ​​when they will be needed again.It is further trivialized by the simple reality that the scripts we have been working on require as many actors (from our first season) with whom there is no such contractual retention.”

Kasdan then picks up and adds, “If you’re wondering what this means to you as a viewer, or to me as a creator, here’s what I think it means: Due to forces far greater and more intricate than I ever pretended to comprehend from All in all, streaming series production is slowing down across the industry, and Willow will not resume filming for the next 12 months.

“But this is equally true: with the enthusiastic and unwavering support of Lucasfilm and Disney, we have developed and written what we hope will be a richer, darker, better, cerebral fun Volume II that builds on the characters and story of our first eight chapters (The Wyrm Survives!).”


The extensive post continues and adds that Willow Season 2 hasn’t entered pre-production either yet, but this doesn’t mean “at all” that it won’t happen.

What a relief (on our part, at least). Long live Willow.

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