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There’s a build in ESO that will get you through anything, no matter how bad you are

In the . The Elder Scrolls Online there is currently a build that takes away any knowledge of the game from beginners and makes veterans laugh scornfully. Of course we show you this build here on MeinMMO.

What build is this? One item is particularly important for this build: the oak soul ring.


In this post you will learn how to get the item:

ESO: New item makes you really strong solo – How to get the “Oak Soul Ring”

Be Brain AFK and still do massive damage?

What makes the item itself so incredibly strong are the numerous buffs you get. These are the effects of the item:

  • (1 item) While equipped, you cannot switch between your primary and secondary weapons and gain Minor Frenzy, Minor Courage, Major Brutality, Major Sorcery, Major Prophecy, Major Ferocity, Minor Power, Minor Protection, Major Resolve, Minor Mending, Minor Valor, Lesser Intellect, Lesser Endurance, Lesser Heroism, Lesser Slayer, Lesser Aegis, and Empower.

Since you can only use 1 of the two skill bars when carrying the item, your rotation becomes noticeably easier. Because you only use half of the skills. You simply combine this with a build in which you only use Heavy Attacks.

What does weave mean? Literally translated, it means “weaving”. This means that you make a light or medium attack between each skill. The whole thing requires a little finesse in order to let it flow perfectly into the rotation.

What makes the build so easy? This means that you simply hold down your left mouse button throughout the fight. Compared to the Light Attacks, you don’t even have to use Weaving. To do this, you must refresh your 5 remaining skills on cool-down.

For veterans, this build is a bad joke

The relationship between the damage and the difficulty is completely unbalanced. Even streamers are already enjoying the build. For example the ESO Streamer NefasQS. He tries the build in the raid. He really looks a little underchallenged and still ends up in second place in DPS in his group.


In this clip you can see that:

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So you too can play this build

You need these sets:

  • 5 x Storm Master (Dungeon: Tempest Isle)
  • 1 x Oak Soul Ring (Mythic Item)
  • 5 x Sergeant’s Armor (Dungeon: Wayrest Sewers I and II)
  • 1 x Gooey Goiter (Dungeon: Wayrest Sewers II)

You play these sets in combination with a lightning staff. So your main attribute is Magicka. You can play this build with any class. However, the magician and the guardian are currently causing a lot of damage.

This is what your skill bar looks like on the Warden:

ESO - Keeper Build Oaken Soulring
For example, this is what a Heavy Attack looks like for a Magicka Warden.

This is what the bar looks like on the Sorc:

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